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1,07,000 Vacancies available in Telangana State

As per the Statement by Finance Department and with the available statistics, there are 1,07,007 vacant posts in 118 Government departments in Telangana State. In the background of bifurcation of the state, excluding Telangana Secretariat, 5,21,608 posts have been allotted to Telangana. Cadre-wise details have been notified by Telangana Finance department on July15th. Sanctioned posts in each of the departments in the combined State and the vacancies available then were also notified; out of which, the vacancies made available at Headquarters and field level posts allotted to Telangana have also been declared.

The Centre then has made it clear that Field level posts in each of the newly formed states will belong to the respective states and only State level posts have been divided among the states. However, the present declaration of the posts by the Finance department has acquired some significance. Full details are made available in the Telangana Finance department Web site. After the final allotment of the posts to the state is completed, Telangana posts and the vacancies may get altered. In the combined Secretariat, while the total sanctioned posts were 5,217, there are 1,875 vacancies and out of 1,202 vacancies, 510 posts were allotted to Telangana.

Number of posts in 118 departments:
Total number of posts in the combined State: 12,41,348
Vacancies: 2,56,062

Number of Headquarters posts allotted to Teleangana:
Sanctioned: 5,12,986
Vacancies: 1,01,779

Number of Field level posts allotted to Telangana:
Sanctioned: 5,12,986
Vacancies: 1,01,779

Total number of posts allotted to Telangana:
Sanctioned: 5,21,608
Vacancies: 1,07,007

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