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M.Tech or MBA … are you in a dilemma? Then read this …

Sarkari Naukri SamacharM.Tech (Master of Technology) is an advanced course in engineering. MBA (Master of Business Administration) is course to equip with business management skills. Both courses are diametrically opposite in their form and content. However, the interesting point is that most of the B.Tech degree holders are in a dilemma as to which course – M.Tech or MBA is beneficial for their career building. Now let us analyse the traits that a student should possess to prosecute M.Tech and the encouraging points for taking up MBA course; what are the similarities between the two courses and which course will show a better future in career planning. If these doubts are properly cleared, then the student will have a solid view about each of the courses. In this context, let us explore the views expressed by the Experts on these points.

During the last four or five years, an interesting twist is found in the selection of higher education for Engineering students. With the passage of each year, the competition for GATE and PGECET for entrance in M.Tech courses is gradually intensifying. Surprisingly, 30 to 40% of engineering students are competing in the Common Entrance Tests for admission into altogether unrelated PG courses in Management. At this juncture, Engineering students are in great dilemma in the matter of the PG course – MBA or M.Tech? Experts feel that career opportunities and personal preference play a greater role in selecting the PG course.

Primary goal is for a Bright Future …
While selecting the PG courses - M.Tech/ MBA, the students should take into consideration the goal they fix for their future. It is better to prefer M.Tech for those, who wish to scale up in their career with the core subjects in their Engineering courses. Subsequently, they can complete their Ph.D. for scaling new heights in their careers. The recent trends in the country display that Engineering units and Manufacturing sectorare showing greater interest in R & D activities and therefore, there is a wide scope for a bright career with advanced level Engineering courses. ,

Those, who wish to start a Business/ Trading/ Commercial Organisation, should take up Management courses for management and development of the related skills.  In fact, it is the only course in which any graduate from Arts to Architectural Engineering branches, irrespective of their academic background, can get admission.

M.Tech. … MBA …
Apart from the academic angle, there are a number of differences in M.Tech and MBA in the matter of employment, sources of incomes and wages. Throughout the country, the number of MBA seats is more compared to M.Tech seats and the pass percentage in MBA is also more, resulting in MBA graduates getting more employment opportunities; however, they have to compromise with the comparatively lower compensations. In case of M.Tech., there is a wide gap between the demand for and supply human resources, resulting in getting attractive salaries and perks. Experts feel that their careers mostly depend on the command they have on the subject and the candidate’s possession of the required management and leadership qualities.

Similarities between M.Tech. & MBA
There are finer similarities between M.Tech and MBA courses in the matter of platforms available for their careers. It is more reflected in Production Units. In every organisation, in the field level in Product Design, Development, Manufacturing and other related areas, need of M.Tech candidates is more. In the matter of marketing the finished products, management of human resources, financial management and in other areas, the services of Financial Experts are essential. M.Tech and MBA are both the two sides of the same coin and therefore they are inter-related. Skills acquired in both these areas would pave the way for better employment opportunities.

M.Tech … Patience … Skill …
It is amply clear that the first choice of those of the students, who seek higher education in Engineering,is M.Tech. To scale new heights in this branch, one should possess sufficient skill and patience. Even though the opportunities for getting employment with attractive salary packages are available in plenty in this branch, it is always advisable to finish Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellowships after M.Tech for a permanent and top-class future, for which atleast five or six years has to be waited. Fellowship can be secured basing on CSIR, UGC-Net ranking, resulting in prosecution of studies and earning becomes simultaneously available.  In this sphere, to remain ever green in the career, continuous study is necessary. Current technological releases, the results and their responses must be continuously followed and it is important to spare more time in field level observation and practical work.

MBA - Micro-level assessment
Students, who wish to join MBA should possess the traits of micro-level observation, problem solving and decision making skills. Must have inherent interest in commerce and trade related activities. Compared to M.Tech, the quantum of practical work may be less, but more time has to be allotted for studying management principles and analysis of case studies.

Experience … its usefulness …
Experts feel that those of the Engineering students, who wish to start business organisations on their own, become successful only after they acquire management skills after getting some experience in this sector. In this process, without looking for jobs on completion of B.Tech, M.Tech should be completed and on its completion, at least 2 to 3 years must be spent for acquiring the working knowledge in the field, which helps in acquiring practical experience in business management skills. In addition, it is a good proposition to study MBA ( ).

Part-time Management Courses …
In the recent time, a number of part-time management courses have become available. Enthusiastic candidates can complete management courses, which doing regular jobs. However, in the part-time mode courses, opportunity to study the subject in depth is less. It is convenient and best suited to those mid-level professionals, who desire to get promotions in their organisations; however, experts feel that it is not advisable to fresh B.Tech graduates.

Selection of the Institute is crucial …
One should pay extra caution in selecting the Institutes for M.Tech and MBA courses ( Still more caution is to be applied in this matter in case of MBA enthusiasts. Keeping in view, the possible expansion in the Management sector, every year, hundreds of Business Schools are sprouting. Admissions into such Institutes are to be taken only after keenly studying their standards and confirming that they are properly recognized. This process is to be followed even in case of M.Tech.

Set the goal right from the third year
A clear decision has to be taken by the end of the second year relating to the course, whether M.Tech or MBA to be taken up after completion of B.Tech. To achieve that goal, efforts are to be put right from the third year. Students desiring to do M.Tech., should start their preparations to appear for GATE from the third year itself and those for MBA should start preparations for success in CAT, XAT, ATMA, MAT and ICET examinations.

Prospects for M.Tech
* To acquire better skills in the sector
* To lay a path to scale new heights in that sector
* Facilitates for Research and laying a path for a bright future

Prospects for MBA …
* Immediate job guarantee
* Opportunity to acquire business management skills for self-employment
* Job opportunities in all sectors without any restriction

Points to be taken care of in the selection of the course – MBA or M.Tech
* Personal preference and interest
*Broad view of the subjects and clarity on the learning skills (Academic Experts fell that learning skills play a greater role than having interest in the course)
* Reasonable estimation for the specialisation for higher education and employment opportunities in the future
* Acceptance of the course selected in the job market
*Finance related points
* Entrance Tests conducted in such courses
* Having understanding of the syllabus

To shine in core subjects
To shine in their core subjects, it is preferable for B.Tech students to join M.Tech. There would be the possibility to acquire in depth knowledge in the course, since it is a two year intensive specialization course. It facilitates to occupy higher positions in their respective areas of employment. There are abundant opportunities in the job market for almost all branches of M.Tech course ( Hence, absolutely there is no point to worry about. Further, opportunities are growing in Production and Research sectors. Keep aside the craze and career aspects; select the course in which you are really interested in.
Prof. V.S.S.Kumar, Principal OU College of Engineering
It is not possible to compare as to which course is better – MBA or M.Tech. Each one has its special features. While M.Tech carves the student as a specialist in the core subjects, MBA shapes its students with administrative skills. As far as Engineering students are concerned, it is appropriate for them to go for MBA in case they wish to stand on their own with self-employment. With the knowledge they have acquired in the core subjects coupled with the management skills they acquired in Management subjects, they will be able to efficiently manage the points right from production process to costing stages of the finished products. However, it would be better for Engineering students, especially those who wish to settle down with self-employment, to join MBA course after gaining some experience in the related field.

We hope enough material is provided for you. Now it is for YOU to take a decision

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