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Formation of Telanga Public Service Commission (TNPC)

Government job means a support, a guarantee for a happy life, an opportunity for public service with utmost job security. It is a life ambition to get a Government job for each of the lakhs of people. Formation of Public Service Commission in Telangana has become a ray of hope to the unemployed youth in the state. Unemployed youth waiting for years together to get Government jobs are exceptionally confident that this new Commission would give the needed direction in the matter. When Government recruitment agencies are presently working with questionable behaviour, it is a heavy task for the Government at this juncture of constitution of TNPC!

Public Service Commissions are being constituted soon after formation of new states in the country. The last occasion on which the same procedure was adopted was when the new states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand were formed. The Central Government has taken a special interest in creation of Public Service Commissions for these states and extended the best co-operation in fulfilling all the legal formalities. After formation of the Commissions in these states, within a few months, around 10,000 posts have been filled up in each of the states. These Commissions work in the same manner as UPSC works. Right from the beginning, retired IAS officers have been heading as Chairmen of these Commissions and also as Secretaries. Right from notification for calling for applications up to selections and appointments have been conducted with the best of transparency. Latest technologies and methods are being utilised. These model best practices should continue to be followed by Telangana Public Service Commission.

The main problem – acute unemployment …

Right from beginning, UNEMPLOYMENT was a severe problem in Telangana. It is but natural that educated youth expect to get Government jobs. Unemployed youth have despaired for not getting jobs despite having good qualifications and the needed skills. It is one of the main reasons for the spread of Naxalism and other terrorist activities. Of the three points on which the Telangana agitation was started, unemployment is the prime point. Youth and unemployed have actively participated in the agitation with the fond hope that they would get jobs if a separate state is formed. More than twelve lakh unemployed have registered their names in the Employment Exchanges in the ten districts of Telangana State. Even though there are still more lakhs of unemployed, they did not show any interest to get their names registered with the Employment Exchanges, because they lost confidence in them. Even though the number of unemployed had been piling up, no action was taken by the previous Governments in the matter commensurate with the swelling unemployment. Only 30,000 posts were filled in the last 15 years. It means that on an average, there were never more than 2000 appointments in a year. Except Police and Teacher appointments, there were only nominal recruitments in other departments. What is surprising is that 2,00,000 posts are kept vacant during these 15 years.

Details of unemployed in Telangana districts

Ranga Reddy

Classification of Unemployed youth in Telangana

Category Percentage
Post Graduates
Tenth Class

In public administration, the role of government employees is crucial. They pay important role in in executive administration. In view of this, even though the vacancies should have been filled up every year as a matter of routine, the earlier governments have not followed this procedure and what is more, showing financial constraints, they have been slowly cutting down the number of posts in government departments and thousands of posts have been abolished. Many public sector organisations have even been closed. Similar to UPSC at the centre, APPSC has been created in the state for filling up the government jobs in the state. The main function of this organisation is to collect information about the vacancies in each of the departments and take necessary action to fill them up. At the national level, UPSC prepares a calendar of the various processes of recruitment and notifies them specifying the time frame. 

PSCs in Tamilnadu and Kerala are promptly taking steps to recruit and fill up the posts as and when they fall vacant. Earlier in the combined state, APPSC had been taking up name sake recruitments, manoeuvring to suit the fancies of the Chairman and Members of the Commission. Even important posts, when fell vacant were not filled up by the Governments. As an alternative to regular recruitments, the Governments have introduced the concepts of ‘Contract Employees’ and ‘Outsourcing Employees’. The remunerations paid to these categories of employees is virtually more than the salaries payable to regular government employees and the middle men have been greatly profited by introduction of these new concepts. It is neither beneficial to the government nor to the employees. In spite the agitations by the unemployed youth, the governments paid a deaf ear to them. Just to shift their responsibilities, they have created a number of employment schemes in the name of employment in private organisations and spent huge amounts for their training. However, private sector did not stand for the unemployed.

Recruitment agency dull, dumb and unresponsive …

Recruitment to Government jobs is a constitutional process. Public Service Commission should be constituted with experienced, honest persons having good administrative skills as its Chairman and Members. In the combined state, the Governments have by-passed these principles and started appointing the Chairman and Members, who were closely connected with the ruling party, resulting in the Chairman and Members engrossed in various scams on many occasions in conducting the tests and abnormal delays in publication of the results as a matter of routine. The Governments have never taken action to refurbish the Boards. In other states, recruitment processes will be taken up only through one Government Agency, but in the combined state, the Governments have not heeded to the suggestion that all the processes of recruitment should be taken up only through APPSC. Recruitments to Police and Teachers are being taken up by other Organisations.  Recruitment Agencies like PSCs in other states are given the full freedom in recruitments; they are virtually dictating terms to the respective governments in this area. Never such transparency was seen in the combined state and PSCs have worked only to please the Governments.

Fool proof action …

Centre has identified the need to have separate PSCs in the wake of bifurcation of the state and inserted the same in the Bifurcation Bill itself.  Soon after the formation of the new state, on the demand of the employees and the unemployed for creation of PSC for the new state, the Government has positively responded and took a policy decision in the matter and started the exercise in right earnest for creation of a PSC. The new Government should be extra careful in constitution of the Commission, taking into view the past violations as lessons. Constitution of the Commission should be constitutional and fool proof, taking Tamil Nadu Government, which stood for upholding the best principles, even went to the extent of giving a tough face to the UPPSC, as a model. Special care is to be taken in the matter of constitution of the administrative team for the PSC.

Only those, who are honest, virtuous and non-controversial with extensive administrative skills, should be shown a place in the PSC board. Presently, there are more than two lakhs of posts vacant in Government departments in Telangana. Each year this figure goes on increasing by two to three lakhs. In many of the departments, administration has come to a standstill in view of the scarcity of staff, resulting in the public not getting the desired services. In almost all departments, the administration has become confused with the admixture of regular employees, the contract workers and outsourcing employees. The confusion should be tackled effectively by the Telangana Government. Vacancies in the government departments should be immediately filled up and the entire exercise of recruitments should be entrusted only to the TNPC. Action should be taken to prepare and publish annual calendar of notification of vacancies, as is being done by UPSC. Recruitment procedures should be fool proof and transparent. Merit of the candidate should be the criteria for selection. In addition to recruitment, the PSC should be entrusted with the works such as conducting tests for promotions to the existing employees. The Commissions’ stamp of integrity should be seen in each of the phases. Candidate’s marks in the test should be published and recommendations, pressures and activities of brokers should not be allowed at any stage. It is the duty of the new Telangana Government to give the Telangana Public Service Commission an identity, so that it becomes a model to the other states in the country.

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