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Internship and It's Advantages?

Interns RequiredAre you at College stage? Do you have acquaintance with Corporate World? Do you have any idea about jobs? … If you don’t have, join in Internship immediately. Because, it is the stepping stone for students’ future, their employment cycle and for their business experience. Internship enhances the value to your Resume. Demand for you in the job market will upsurge many fold.

Generally, organisations and institutions give priority to past experience in their recruitments. They prefer experienced to freshers. Students get practical experience through Internship. It is advisable to join Internship soon after completion of graduation without wasting any time. Students should inculcate in them a good understanding about the usefulness of Internship for their future Job Careers.

What is Internship?

Internship is virtually a Job Training. It is getting training before joining a job. The value of Internship is equivalent to the value of the theory one learns from the books in the class rooms. Generally, students of professional courses show more interest to join Internship. It is a pre-condition to do Internship soon after close of each of the academic years. In the recent past, students from Delhi have identified the importance of Internship and are showing more interest to join Internship. Experts suggest that completion of Internship will lay the necessary foundation for a bright future.

What are the benefits of Internship?

Students get good awareness about the job market. They will be equipped with the understanding about - What are the needs of organisations/ institutions? What they really expect from their employees? What are their routine activities? It gives an opportunity to work with the experts and specialists in the company. It helps to learn new things and develop the related skills. Communication skills will increase. Since the work will be at field level, it gives an idea about the actual practical working conditions, which helps to assess whether the job suits you or not. Internship helps to go deep into the intricacies of the job and come to a decision whether it suits you or not. You will have an understanding about what is a professional work and the environment in which you will have to work. You will have a taste of the corporate culture, practical skills will get sharpened and it transforms you into the best performer in your employment phase of life. Internship increases the competency of the student, which gives additional value to his resume, attracting the company managements and the chances of getting good jobs with attractive salaries.

Job ready on completion of the Internship

Currently the running trend is … candidate doing Internship in an organisation is getting the job in the same organisation. Managements are giving priority to them, since they know pretty well the sincerity, behaviour and skills during the Internship itself and with the fine performance, candidates are offered jobs even immediately after the course is over. In the intense unemployment present day scenario, it is a good feature that back-up option is available through Internship. Internship is an excellent platform to have contacts with people holding key positions in the industry and having interactions with them, which is quite useful for career growth in future.

Article written by Manmadha Rao for Sarkari Naukri Samachar

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