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Group Discussion - Simple Tips to get succeed

Group Discussion TipsMany organisations, in their job selection processes, are making Group Discussion (GD) as a part of them. However, there is a wrong belief in many that only those, who could talk more, are getting selected for the jobs.  We will now explore to know what exactly is in GD and how to succeed in Group Discussion.

Group Discussion should not be taken lightly. Equal importance is to be given to it as is given to face the interview. For GD also it is necessary to dress up formally for a perfect look. It makes them to feel convenient with increased self-confidence. Others also show interest to talk to them.

Don’t get hurried …

Taking initiative yourself to start the discussion after forming an idea of the topic is a point of credit to you. However, discussion should be started only after clearly understanding the topic. In case you have no idea about the topic for discussion, it is not correct to talk something just for participating in the discussion. In such situations, give a good hearing to what others talk. It gives an idea about the subject to you. Next, select a point in their talk, add some more related points to it and then talk. It gives a feeling to them that your talk is constructive.

Avoid Anger in Group Discussion

In case the other members of the group talk against your idea, don’t get angered. Hear them patiently; think what they say with an objective view. While expressing your views, softly tell them why you are not accepting their views. What you say must be clearly understood by all the members in the group, for which, use the simplest possible language.

Don’t try to dominate …

The biggest mistake that many people in the Group Discussion do is that they try to dominate others. It is not important that how strong a point is explained; it is also important that other members of the group are allowed to talk. It is not good to intervene, when a member of the group is talking. In case you disagree with what the member is talking about, wait till he completes his talk and then only express your opinion. Clarify them why you are not agreeing with them. Know that as the confidence you have in the correctness of your point, the others also will be equally confident with the correctness of their opinions.

Don’t go out of track …

Sometimes, Group Discussion goes out of track and lands in a mess, resulting in the entire participating group losing the opportunity to get the jobs. Members of the group should see that GD does not go out of track, instead see that it reaches the climax achieving a constructive outcome of the solution. Only then, they are considered suitable for a good team work. Note that the purpose of the GD is to assess level of skills you possess to take other people along with you.

Straight … no gambits …

It is not correct to tell what all we know about everything we know in the discussion. GD experts do not see how long you talked on the subject; they observe the clarity and content in the expression. Express your views with the least number of words relevant to the subject. Avoid examples.

Give opportunity …

If somebody intervenes while you are talking, politely advise them to wait; ask him to express his views after your complete your talk. Don’t consume a major part of the allowed time; allow others to talk. Along with it, don’t keep silent, because, the others are continuing their talk for long; intervene at a convenient point to express your views.

In Group Discussion, Analytical Skills, Initiative, Precision, Language, Physical expressions, mingling in a group, subject knowledge, creativity, self-confidence, patience and leadership qualities will be observed. Generally 8 to 15 people will be allowed to participate in the group discussion. Each one will be allowed 3 to 5 minutes. All the people should talk within the prescribed period of time. Must be prepared to talk on any subject in the GD.

The above important points are written by Manmadha Rao for Sarkari Naukri Samachar

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